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At Sound Hearing Clinic Inc., we offer many hearing care services to our clients in Vancouver. Sound Hearing offers a full spectrum of audiological services for everyone. Our professionals are committed to the pursuit of unsurpassed patient satisfaction, effective analysis and diagnosis of your hearing loss, and customized solutions that effectively integrate speech and comprehension back into your life.

Do you think you might have hearing loss? We offer standard hearing tests and industrial hearing tests for a full assessment of your hearing. Are your hearing aids in need of repair? We can help repair them and provide information on how to maintain your hearing aids.

Hearing Tests

Our hearing tests provide a full assessment of the state of your hearing. This test includes an assessment of your hearing ability, your speech understanding, and an assessment of your outer, middle, and inner ear. The appointment takes between 60 and 90 minutes. A copy of your report and audiogram will be sent to you and your physician in the days following the appointment.

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Our Four Step Process

1. Interview – The interview determines the nature of your hearing concerns & uncovers any specific areas that may require further attention.

2. Examination – The examination determines whether the perception of hearing loss you are experiencing could be caused by an obstruction or damage to the ear canal or eardrum.

3. Diagnostics – The diagnostic process determines the nature of your hearing loss. The diagnostic process may include different tests, depending on the assessment of your needs.

4. Solutions – Treatment solutions determine what type of hearing technology solution is most appropriate for your hearing difficulty, your test results, your desired listening lifestyle, and your cosmetic preference.

Hearing Aid Repair & Maintenance

Hearing aids are small electronic devices made up of even smaller parts. It is important to do regular maintenance on the devices to help reduce any frequent repairs needed and help increase the lifespan of your hearing aids. Even if you maintain your hearing aids there may be small repairs that need to be made over time and adjustments that can be made to improve your hearing. Contact us to ask about our hearing aid repair services.

Hearing Aid Batteries

All hearing instruments require a battery as a power source. Sound Hearing Clinic Inc provides only the highest quality batteries so you get the longest life from each battery cell. Ask us about rechargeable battery solutions.

Telehearing Care Appointments

We are now offering a service which is great for a busy lifestyle, if you have a long distance to travel, for travellers, and more. You can now connect with your audiologist while you are at work, home or at the beach so adjustments can be made to your hearing aids in real time.

The remote hearing aid service is available for people that have remote hearing care compatible hearing aids, smartphone technology and a wi-fi connection.

Hearing Aid Financing

We offer payment plans to our clients to help make hearing aids more affordable. In addition, there is government and third-party funding available for which you may be eligible. The different programs will vary by province as well as the requirements to obtain funding. Our hearing care professionals can assist you with applying for the programs available to you.

Hearing Aid Financing

Financing options are available.

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