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Do you have difficulty hearing in most situations? Are you showing any of the signs or symptoms of hearing loss? If you believe you might be experiencing hearing loss, we can help! Our hearing tests provide a full assessment of the state of your hearing. We make sure that our testing is as easy and comfortable as possible for our clients.

This is especially important for people with diabetes, as studies show that hearing loss is twice as common in people who have diabetes than those that don’t. Your hearing can change slowly over a long period of time, so you don’t even notice it is declining, similar to your eyesight.

Online Hearing Test

If you think you have hearing loss, but you aren’t sure if you want to schedule an appointment at a hearing clinic, you can always try a free online hearing test. Taking an online hearing test is a great way to determine if you may have hearing loss. They usually only require a few minutes of your time, and a pair of headphones connected to your computer. It is not as accurate as a full hearing test, but it will be able to tell you if you show clear signs of hearing loss. It is recommended that you visit the clinic for a full assessment of your hearing health, where the clinician can guide you on what to do after taking the test.

You can try a free online hearing test here!

How It Works

Hearing or Audiometry tests can detect if you have sensorineural or conductive hearing loss. During the hearing evaluation, we may perform multiple types of hearing tests to get the best idea of your hearing loss. Some of the hearing tests may include the following:

Pure Tone Hearing Test

Pure Tone Testing is also called Air Conduction Testing since it goes through the outer and middle ear. You will sit in a sound booth and listen to sounds through headphones and indicate to the audiologist if you hear the sound.

Bone Conduction Hearing Test

The Bone Conduction test is commonly done when ear wax or fluid is blocking the outer or middle ear. The audiologist will place a small device behind your ear and send sounds to the device causing your skull to gently vibrate to tell how well you can hear.

Acoustic Reflex Hearing Test

The Acoustic Reflex Test monitors the reflex that occurs in response to loud sounds. The test can help check for particular types of hearing loss related to how well your acoustic reflex still responds to these types of sound.

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Tympanometry is used to test the condition of the middle ear and the mobility of the eardrum. The test can help determine if you have fluid in the ear, a middle ear infection, a tear in the eardrum, or a problem with the eustachian tube.

Standardized Speech Test

The audiologist will say words to you through headphones and ask you to repeat the words. They will record the softest and sometimes the loudest speech you hear. The purpose of this test is to assess your word recognition that may happen in a quiet or noisy environment.

What is an Audiogram?

The results of the hearing test are recorded on a chart which is called an audiogram. This indicates test sounds on a scale and provides information on the hearing threshold level in decibels.

  • A hearing test isn’t a pass-fail exam, but the results can show whether you have hearing loss in one or both ears and how much hearing is gone.
  • It indicates how loud different sounds must be before they are first heard.
  • If you have hearing loss, your hearing care professional will explain the result of the audiogram to you.
  • The audiogram is a reflection of your hearing ability. It shows how far your hearing ability deviates from normal hearing ability.

How to prepare for a Hearing Test

Many people are very anxious at the thought of a hearing test, though it isn’t a stressful process. Here are some tips to help prepare for your hearing test:

  • Feel free to bring a friend or family member along to your appointment for support.
  • Give yourself plenty of time and try to arrive at the hearing test in a relaxed frame of mind.
  • Breathe steadily and sit comfortably.
  • Prepare a list of symptoms and key medical information including:
    • Jobs
    • Military service
    • Hobbies (such as hunting)
    • where you may have been exposed to high noise levels.

  • Bring your health card

Tinnitus Test

Tinnitus is a hearing disorder characterized by hearing ringing or buzzing sounds in your ears. It can be a major annoyance, depending on the severity and the effects it can cause in your life. No matter how severe your symptoms are, finding relief from tinnitus is important.

Trained audiologists and other hearing health professionals have tools and clinical protocols to help evaluate and diagnose tinnitus. Because tinnitus is so often caused by hearing loss, most audiologists will begin with a comprehensive audiological evaluation that measures the patient’s overall hearing health.

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